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Shop for bindi body stickers at our Orlando store or online.How To Apply Bind Body Stickers
Test in an inconspicuous area for allergic reaction to bindi adhesive.

  • Clean skin first to remove oil, dirt, and makeup for better adhesion.  Be sure the skin is completely dry before applying bindi.
  • Carefully remove bindi from film.  Bindi is very delicate, and you can pop off crystals and decorations easily, so be very careful.  Some people use tweezers, but I prefer using my fingers to remove bindi from the card.
  • Apply bindi to clean dry skin.  Start by touching it gently to the skin so that you can still move it easily to adjust position.  Once the bindi is where you like it, press it down gently but firmly for a few seconds.

Storing & Reusing Bindi

  • Carefully remove your bindi and apply it back on the original film.
  • If it's not sticking to the film or to your skin, clean the back of the bindi with rubbing alcohol (a cotton swab works well for this) and apply a non-toxic adhesive before wearing again. 

Great Bindi Adhesives:  Spirit glue or spirit gum (found in shops that sell costume/theater makeup), eyelash glue, clear nail polish, or a glue stick all work well as bindi adhesives.

About Bindi Body Stickers...

Bindi...not just for foreheads anymore!  Bindi has many different meanings and uses.

Bindi As Tilak
Tilak is a mark on the body with religious significance.  Many Hindu women wear the traditional red dot (normally sindoor powder rather than a sticker style bindi) and single Hindu women often wear the traditional black dot as a form of tilak.  Bindi is just one form of tilak, as are marks on the feet, horizontal or vertical lines on the face, and such.

Bindi As a Chakra Focus
Forehead bindi is often used as a way to focus the 6th chakra (Ajna) of the body, concealed wisdom or the inner eye.  Wearing bindi on the forehead helps harness energy and increase concentration.  Wearing a black bindi on the forehead is thought to ward off negativity.

Bindi As Fashion
Not many fashions make as big a statement as wearing bindi!  Bindi is heavily worn as a fashion accessory, just for fun, and not just on the forehead.  Bindi can be worn anywhere.  You can find bindi worn at the corner of the eyes, on the chin, or even as a "nose ring" on the face.  Bindi look great on the chest in between the collar bone or even just above cleavage.  The arm, wrist, lower back, belly, or ankle...the possibilities are endless!  You are only bound by your imagination, so let loose!

Bindi and Henna
Bindi can often be found decoration henna tattoos.  Sometimes while the henna is still drying and sometimes after the henna has been removed and the stain is left on the skin.  No matter when you pair bindi with henna, it always adds pizzazz and fun!

Bindi and Crafts
Bindi can be used to decorate scrapbook pages, picture frames, dollhouse furniture, or any craft you like.  I've even seen women apply bindi to their purse, shoes, and cell phones!

As with all our products, the point is, make it your own!  Have fun with it!

Wearing Bindi

Traditionally bindi is worn on the forehead, but that doesn't mean it has to stay there!  Try wearing bindi any where you'd like.  Keep in mind that bindi is unlikely to stay on an area of the body that bends or is in direct contact with furniture or clothing.
  • Forehead - Try different positions.  Directly between the eyes or eyebrows, a little higher, centered on the forehead, off center, whatever works for your mood that day!
    TIP:  If you are wearing bindi on stage, for a performance, or for photos, consider wearing the bind a little higher than normal.  If it's directly between the eyebrows, it can look like a uni-brow from far away or in pictures.
  • Eyes -  Just above or below the corner of the eye is a popular way to wear bindi.  Apply bindi to both eyes or just one.  Try applying multiple bindi in a starburst inspired pattern, or create an extended "cat's eye" look with bindi.
  • Chin - Longer slim bindi work well in the center of the chin.  This is a popular look for Tribal Dancers, especially American Tribal Style dance (ATS).
  • Collar Bone & Chest - You know that sexy little indentation below your neck between your collar bones?  Bindi look great there!  Apply bindi a little further down and it looks like an illusion necklace.  Try bindi right at your cleavage for a sexy look or try using multiple bindi to accent the upper curve of your breasts.
  • Anklet or Arm Bindi -  Of course you can wear bindi arm band tattoos on your arm, but you can also wear regular bindi on your arm.  Be careful.  The arm takes plenty of abuse throughout the day, that can easily pull a small bindi off.
  • Back Bindi -  Get creative!  Lower back, upper shoulder, one bindi, or a row of bindi!

Other Bindi Uses

  • Bindi and Henna - Bindi is great for accenting henna designs!  Apply either the bindi first or the henna first, or wait for the henna paste to be removed and apply bindi over the henna tattoo.  I like to use multiple small bindi with henna tattoos.  A small round bindi applied in the center of a henna flower looks beautiful. 
  • Scrap Booking with Bindi - You can imagine the possibilities here!  Your bindi filled scrap book with be the envy of other scrap bookers.
  • Accessories - Bindi are fantastic on shoes, cell phones, iPods, or purses!  
  • Bindi for Crafts - You can use bindi to decorate any craft project!  Try decorating photo frames, bangle display stands, mirrors, bulletin boards, or doll house furniture.  Use bindi with your broken bangle crafts!  Let your creativity take over! 

Email pictures of your bindi creations and I'll post them on the site!

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