Bindi Picture Gallery: Indian bindi body stickers in unique styles and crystal bindi designs.
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Beachcombers! has all your bindi body art needs for Indian dots, crystal tattoos, bridal bindi, and more.

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Bindi belly sticker, navel tattoo sticker.
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     Henna tattoo using a Moroccan syringe tip bottle with blunt tip syringe needle
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Bindi Body Sticker Picture Gallery

Here's where you can get some creative ideas for wearing your bindi!  You don't have to be Indian, young, a dancer, Gwen Stefani, or anything else special. ANYONE can wear bindi!  Email me pictures of you and your friends wearing bindi and I'll post them on the site!


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Beachcombers! has all your mehndi tattoo needs for the art of henna, even for the beginner.
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