How to Apply Bindi Body Stickers

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Indian bindi body stickers are easy to apply. Just peel the bindi off the film and apply to desired area. Follow a couple tips for the very best results for long-lasting bindi application.

  • Clean skin first to remove, oil, dirt, and makeup for better bindi adhesion. Be sure the skin is completely dry before applying bindi sticker.
  • Carefully remove bindi from film. Bindi are very delicate and the the decorations can pop off. This is especially true of fancy bindi with real crystals.
  • Apply bindi to clean dry skin. Start by touching the bindi gently to the skin so you can still move it to adjust placement. Once the bindi is placed where you like, press it down gently but firmly for a few seconds.

Reusing Bindi

Elmer's glue stick for bindiYes! Bindi body stickers are reusable!

When you are finished wearing bindi, place it back on the original bindi film to keep whatever adhesion the bindi has left. Most bindi have enough adhesion for at least three wears. If your skin is oily or you are sweaty when wearing bindi, it will be less.

If the adhesion wears away, clean the back of the bindi and apply a non-toxic adhesive before wearing.

Some adhesives to try are…

  • Spirit Gum
  • Eyelash Glue
  • Glue Stick

Remember to store your bindi collection on bindi film. If the adhesive is not protected from dust, the bindi will no longer adhere to skin.

Have fun wearing bindi!