Wearing Bindi Stickers

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Tribal belly dance bindi stickersTraditionally, bindi is worn on the forehead between the eyebrows, but that doesn’t mean is has to stay there! You can wear Indian bindi anywhere you’d like. Though bindi won’t stick to bendy-areas well, there is no limit as to how or wear to wear bindi.

  • Bindi On the Forehead
    The traditional placement for bindi is on the forehead between the brows, but you can wear bindi higher or off-center. Try wearing multiple bindi in different positions.
    TIP: If you are wearing bindi for a performance or photos, consider wearing it higher on the forehead than normal. From a distance wearing bindi between the browns can look like a uni-brow. You are welcome!
  • Bindi Around the Eyes
    Just above or just below the corner of the eye is a popular way to wear bindi. Apply to both eyes or just one. Try applying tiny bindi in small groups or create and extended “cat’s eye” look with bindi.
  • Bindi On the Chin
    Longer slim bindi work well in teh center of the chin. This is a popular look for tribal belly dancers, especially American Tribal Style (ATS).
  • Bindi on the Chest and Collar Bone
    You know that sexy little indentation below your neck between the collar bones? Bindi look great there! Apply bindi a little lower and it looks like an illusion necklace.
  • Ankle or Arm Band Bindi
    Some bindi are make specifically for arm band use, but you can apply any bindi style to the arm or the ankle. I think bindi just near the ankle bone are stylishly sexy.
  • Bindi on the Back
    Get creative! Bindi can be worn on the lower back or on the back of the shoulder. Wearing bindi on the upper spine just below the neck is a surprisingly stylish way to wear bindi stickers.

Eye Bindi Body Stickers

The point is, you can wear bindi anywhere! You are only limited by your imagination!